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Enjoy discovering new things and learning through play! Develop your speaking and listening skills by having conversations with your family. 



Read Write Inc.

We would like the children, over the time while they are at home, to keep practicing their phonics and learning their sounds and reading words.

The Read Write Inc phonics scheme we use at school are providing speed sound lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home every day. There will be a new film daily!

Please click on the pictures on the right for the links.

If you have any questions regarding phonics please don’t hesitate to email at the following address: rwi@welldonparkprimary.harrow.sch.uk


Reception Read Write Inc. Groups

  • Mrs Fensome’s, Mrs Ravimohan's, Ms Marta's & Mrs Dhakan's group: Set 1 Speed Sounds
  • Mrs Anker’s group: Set 2 Speed Sounds
  • Mrs De Silva’s, Mrs Wharton's, Mrs Henry's & Mr Sarpong's group: Set 3 Speed Sounds
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